Skid Steer Operator

Duration 6 hrs (2 days)

This training program will provide participants with an understanding of skid steer features along with associated hazards and control measures. The training is suitable for both new and experienced skid steer operators. It is designed for delivery over two days. The first day is an in-class session. Participants will learn about various types of skid steers and attachments plus their application within different work sectors. They will also learn about the hazards associated with various attachments and factors such as weight capacity, rough terrain, speed and turning that can affect the skid steer stability. This session also covers the centre of gravity and load centre theory as well as the combined centre of gravity concept.

Finally, they will explore the Occupational Health and Safety Act to gain an understanding of key rights and responsibilities for the workplace parties. The second day is a hands-on demonstration session — otherwise known as a practicum. Participants will demonstrate their knowledge of standard hand signals and specific safety procedures followed by a practical driving demonstration. By the end of the two sessions, participants will gain the requisite knowledge and skills needed for the safe operation of a skid steer vehicle.