Safety Hazards

Duration 1 hr

Industrial workers in machine shops or other small manufacturing plants are exposed to a multitude of safety hazards. These include hazards associated with noise, walking and working surfaces, electricity and energy systems, forklifts, manual material handling and machines. As well, new tools, equipment, products or work procedures can introduce new and unexpected hazards. This unique training program is designed for on-site delivery with an emphasis on assisting the process for identifying and reporting workplace-specific hazards. By the end of this training, participants will gain an awareness of safety hazards in their workplace.

They will demonstrate the effective use of their workplace hazard reporting forms and learn that documenting and reporting hazards will lead to proper assessment and controls. Participants will also gain an understanding of the purpose of a health and safety policy and the components of an effective health and safety program. They will discuss the role of the workplace parties, including the joint health and safety committee or worker representative, in developing and maintaining said program.