Duration 3 hrs

Workers handling, storing and using propane cylinders and equipment powered by propane risk serious injury as a result of fire and explosion and other hazards. Participants will discuss these hazards along with the tools needed to identify and assess each. They will also review the measures for eliminating or controlling worker exposure. Important to this discussion is the need for specific training for those handling, storing and using propane cylinders.

NOTE: A more comprehensive six-hour program is available for workplace parties who are responsible for handling, storing and using propane cylinders.


Propane for CH-02 ROT

Duration 6 hrs

To work with propane and use propane fuelled equipment workers must hold a CH-02 (Construction Heater Operator 2) certificate from an accredited training facility. This one day, Propane CH-02 ROT program meets and surpasses the regulatory requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and its regulations. The training program consists of two sessions. First, an in-class session provides participants with critical education on propane characteristics, proper handling, storage and use, plus applicable legislation. Participants will also be required to complete written evaluation worksheets. A second hands-on session allows participants to learn and then demonstrate skills such as inspections and transfers, as well as how to manifold three cylinders together, connect construction heaters and torches to cylinders, and safely start up and shut down all equipment. 

Upon successful conclusion, the training program participants will receive a record of training (ROT) certificate, valid for three years from date of issue.

Course Outline

  • Identify the characteristics of propane
  • Discuss propane hazards and control measures
  • Describe laws, regulations and standards that apply to propane
  • Analyse propane cylinder components and markings
  • Discuss established procedures for propane handling and storage
  • Hands-on training/evaluation 

NOTE: Participants will require CSA-approved safety boots, as well as eye protection and long sleeve clothing for the outdoor hands-on training. 


Do I need this training?

Ontario Regulation 211/01 for propane storage and handling states that all workers who connect, activate or disconnect propane devices 400,000 BTUs or less must be certified.

Does the CH-02 ROT cerification expire?

Yes. The certification must be renewed every three years by undergoing either full retraining or skills retesting. O. Reg. 215/01, s. 54.

Will this training certify me to transport propane?

No. However, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act does have an exemption that allows open commercial vehicles to transport up to five 100 lbs propane cylinders and personal vehicles to transport up to 150 kgs.