Powered Elevating Work Platforms

Duration 8 hrs (2 days)

This program encompasses eight hours of training over two days. Day one comprises six hours of an in-class session, followed on another day with approximately two hours of practicum per participant (time depending on the operator experience). The practicum serves as a hands-on training tool for new operators, and an evaluation for experienced ones. Participants will learn about different types of elevating work platforms and discuss their functions, safety features, characteristics, components and stability. Participants will also discuss applicable legislation and standards. Just as important, program participants will gain an understanding of associated health and safety hazards and their control.

Course Requirements

  • Valid Working at Heights certification
  • CSA-approved safety boots 
  • Adequate clothing for outdoor hands-on training

Course Outline

  • Types of elevating work platforms
  • Elevating work platform components
  • Laws and regulations
  • Hazards of elevating work platforms
  • Safety features of PEWPs
  • Safe operating practices
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Hands-on training/evaluation


Who is required to do this training?

According to the construction regulations of Ontario, all workers who are going to operate a powered elevating work platform, must receive training prior to doing so. This applies to boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts and vehicle-mounted aerial devices.

Does this course meet CSA standards training requirements?

Yes! This course complies with the CSA training standards stated in B354.2-01, B354.4-02 and B354.1-04.

When will I receive my certification card?

You will receive a temporary card upon successful completion of the course. A plastic card will be mailed out in the following weeks.

How long is my certification valid for?

While there is no expiry date set by the regulations or CSA standards, retraining is generally recommended every three years.

If I am certified on one type of elevating work platform, does that qualify me to operate other types as well?

No, workers must be trained on every type of elevating work platform they are going to operate. O. Reg. 213/91, s. 147.