Forklift Operator

Duration 7 hrs

This program is designed for workers who will operate powered lift trucks (Classes 1 to 5). It is divided into three important components, including formal classroom learning, a supervised practical hands-on component with the specific lift truck the worker will use and a follow-up evaluation by an authorized instructor who observes actual work performance. In the classroom, participants will first explore the basics of powered lift truck operation including selection criteria, stability, lift capacity and other principles of counterbalance theory. Legislation, guidelines and standards governing the use of powered lift trucks are explored, including relevant sections in the Industrial Regulations. Participants will also explore the many hazards specific to the operation of a powered lift truck and the work area in which it will be operated. Safe operating rules and practices will also be identified and discussed. Special attention is paid to the components of an effective powered lift truck pre-start inspection checklist. 

NOTE: This program is developed to meet the standards outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Guidelines for Safe Operations and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks and the Canadian Standards Association Standard B335-15. According to this CSA Standard, forklift operators shall be retrained at intervals not exceeding three years. We also recommend that 18 months after the training or retraining, operators should undergo a mid-term skills evaluation. (see Forklift Operator Mid-Term Evaluation descriptor).

Forklift Operator Mid Term Evaluation

Duration 1 hr

This one hour mid-term evaluation helps to ensure lift truck operators retain the skills and knowledge they’ve secured through the Forklift Operator safety training program (or retraining) and experience. We offer this service using a certified instructor with experience in the operation of lift trucks. The instructor observes a wide range of practical skills. The main purpose of this evaluation is to suggest immediate corrective action for observed operational behaviour and to identify future training needs.